A Brief Introduction & Overview of the Company

Carlberg Cabinet Refacing is a one-man band proudly serving the Omaha area, involved with the completion of many extraordinary kitchens remodels. I have a business associate that on occasion, introduces me as the "Godfather of Cabinet Refacing".

My mission is to be recognized as the elite cabinet refacing company in the Omaha area by providing homeowners the quality and personal service they deserve; by maintaining mastery in all aspects of the refacing process via striving to be aware of new and innovative approaches and perfecting valid time-tested ones. This is intended to assure homeowners of the finest hands-on product available.

The Process

I would like to take this opportunity to outline the procedure I undertake in refacing your cabinets. I firmly believe that the process is the most important facet of a refacing job, as is the craftsmanship.

  • 1 I remove all the old doors and moldings adjacent to walls, ceilings, or soffits
  • 2 I fill any irregularities in the cabinets; repair any broken or loose framework
  • 3 Make all structural changes desired to update your cabinets; build additional cabinets, new drawers, cut out for dishwashers, and so forth
  • 4 Wipe down cabinets with a degreaser when needed and rough sand the old finish to prepare it for the contact adhesives that are used
  • 5 Cut all refacing material and apply it to the prepared cabinets. This involves the fine sanding and fitting of all edges, corners, and seams. Install new moldings
  • 6 Finish papering off all the areas adjacent to the cabinets. Vacuum and tack cloth all new wood
  • 7 Stain cabinets (doors are stained and finished at my shop)
  • 8 Close off the kitchen and install a ventilation fan in a window. Tack down cabinets again. Spray 2-3 coats of post-catalyzed lacquer, hand buff sanding, and fill all pinholes between coats. Any glazing is done between coats
  • 9 Remove paper, install hardware and drawer fronts. Final clean up

Note: As was conveyed to you, this approach does not use pre-finished materials, as indicated in steps 5-8. Thereby assuring that all the corners, edges, and seams are properly sealed.

Carlberg Cabinet Refacing